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Returns & Cancellations

At Builder Clicks we enjoy the trust of our customers and work hard to ensure that we are their #1 choice when it comes to construction business. We are happy to be of service and our personnel here are willing to assist or return even in the event of cancellation of the orders.

However a few points are to be noted in the event of returns & cancellation and it is valid only if

  • The ordered materials/products do not match the size/dimensions requested.
  • The materials/products/colours sent are not the same as ordered.
  • Materials/products received are damaged.
  • Products received are defective or malfunctioning.
  • Items or materials ordered as per the manufacturer’s product manual are missing. It is valid only on products/materials sold in packages by the manufacturer and comes with a user manual.
  • The products do not match the claim by the manufacturers. However for a return/cancellation of these products/materials, the cost and effort of testing by third-party officials, need to be borne by the buyer. The expenses include sending samples, testing charges and report collection.
  • We have to be notified within 24 hours on receipt of the order via email info@builderclicks.com or via phone 906 124 4444

The shipping and replacement charges are to be borne and incurred by the vendor/manufacturer if any or all of the above conditions are satisfied.

If the company/seller does not have a replacement product, the client will be provided a refund. The buyer has to oblige to accept the refund in lieu of replacement.

Replacements are usually done within 3-7 days of time on receipt of the goods. The vendor/manufacturer reserves the right to offer this facility upon the availability of the products/materials.

Builder Clicks personnel will schedule the process of pickup only after the acceptance of request from the vendors/manufacturers

Customers are requested to write to info@builderclicks.com for replacements. The mail should be replete with information like order ID, date of material receipt and the reasons for replacement within 24 hours of receipt of the faulty items/materials.

However Returns are Not Accepted if

  • The products/materials received are damaged after using it.
  • Products are damaged/malfunctioning after installation due to non-conformation of the directions provided in the user’s manual.
  • o Clients do not notify us at info@builderclicks.com within 24 hours of the faulty product.

We do not exchange other materials/products for different materials (E.g. Request to exchange 43 Grade Cement for 53 Grade Cement is not entertained).

Partial Returns and Leftovers are not encouraged (E.g. One ton of unused steel out of 5 tons of steel purchased is not eligible for return policy).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted only if

  • Materials/Products ordered are not in transit from the manufacturers/vendors/sellers.
  • The products/Materials ordered are not customized to the suit the demands of the clients (E.g. Order for custom-sized shutters for buildings cannot be annulled).
  • Cancellation of shipment to the buyer’s doorsteps cannot be aborted for any reasons except the ones mentioned previously.

Cancellations are not accepted if

  • Ordered materials/products by the customers are specially imported by the vendors/sellers.
  • The products/materials ordered are sourced primarily by the vendors after placing an order.
  • The products/materials are customized and manufactured to suit the requirements of the clients or if the manufacturing is in progress.
  • The products/materials ordered are in transit.