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Privacy Policies

We at Builder Clicks understand the important of privacy of our clients. We gather the information of our clients for communication and transit and share it only when necessary for transactions. The information is well-protected. To know more about our policies, clients can contact us on BuilderClicks.com or at 906 124 4444

The information we gather

The information we gather automatically is collected through Industry Standard Log files and it comprises of the URL through which the client has visited us, the page visited, Computer Browser Information and IP Address. We may use the automatic data collected via ‘Cookies’

Cookies contain information with regard to computer hardware and this information is stored for a longer duration. It helps us to streamline the client’s experience on the site and also aids customers to automatically log in, during visits in the future. Clients can disable cookies any time, if the browser permits. However if the cookies are disabled, one cannot submits a Get Free Quotes. For more details, please contact our Customer Care Department.

Cookies are also used by our partners to affiliate tracking of the utility company. Service providers are not covered in our privacy statements and hence Builder Clicks do not have any access or control over it. The Tracking Utility Companies, our Affiliates, Partners and Service Providers rely on Session ID Cookies to enable clients to navigate our sites effortlessly.

The prospective buyers using offer like ‘Free Quote Service’ to receive information about sellers are requested to provide additional information so as to provide optimum information about the sellers. Details like Contact Information, Address or Basic Demographic Information and Purchasing Requirements are to be provided precisely. Information collected helps us to offer varied details while enabling clients to give us feedback about our services, thereby helping us to improve our services.

Information collected about the clients enable us to deliver our services to the best of our ability. We encourage clients to give their precise address including contact information, details about the desired market targets and billing information.

Certain information collected from our prospective customers help us to offer them newsletters and updates, sample lead service and content required. It is especially useful for the clients to gather optimum information and submit information for positing on social media sites.

Certain materials included in the site, like advertisements, are provided by third-parties. These third parties may collect information of the clients so as to enable E-Mail communications and offer products/services of interest to the clients. The collection of data, use, disclosure and security of information collected by third-parties are subject to privacy policies.

Information Gathered Used

  • For Communication:
    Builder Clicks
    uses the information gathered about the buyers, to connect them with prospective sellers and manufacturers. They can contact one-another, explain the features and functionality of the site and improve experience through innovative use of technology. Customers can analyse and communicate and gather information too.
  • To Facilitate Transactions: Buyers and vendors are sent emails about the areas of interest of our clients and encouraged to contact the clients to facilitate transactions. Clients can opt out of emails, if they wish so. By using our services offered in the site, clients provide us with the right to gather personal information so as to deliver the desired services.
  • Analyzing: the information we receive are continuously analysed. This is to improve the services and content we offer and to understand the trends and patterns of the users. The information collected thus is combined with others to collect optimum data for analyses and it is strictly Not Personally Identifiable.
  • Feedback & Testimonials: We appreciate the feedback and reviews offered by our customers. Positive and negative ones are treated with utmost importance and sent to appropriate departments so as to improve sincerely. We may share the testimonials in our marketing literature, without offering the personal details of the customers, unless we’ve received the permission to do so. If the testimonials are to be removed, clients can contact us for the same.
  • Newsletters: periodical newsletters and valuable information are provided to the sellers and buyers through Emails. If one is not interested to receive it, they can easily opt out by changing notification preferences.
  • Valuable Communications: it includes Emails, updates and responses to enquiries, periodic surveys and other modes of communication. One can easily opt out of this by changing the notification preferences.
  • Third Party Offers: information collected may be used by us to send emails and other communications on behalf of third parties. The communication can be opted out, if so desired by sending an email to BuilderClicks.com with the subject ‘Opt Out Third Party’

Sharing of Information Collected

Our business thrives solely on customer satisfaction of our clients. We collect the required information, materials and services and provide the collected data to third-parties as well as to suppliers/vendors/manufacturers only to meet the demands of our clientele and after the orders are placed.

Vendors/manufacturers/suppliers/logistics partners

The contact details are shared with other parties to facilitate order and delivery of goods effectively, easily. The details shared include name, shipping/billing address, telephone number and Email address.


Information about our clients are provided to third parties to market their services and products. It is under contractual agreement and the personally identifiable information collected is deemed highly confidential. We ensure that it is to be used only for marketing the products and services. Clients can opt out from these disclosures by sending an email to enquiry@builderclicks.com with the subject “Do Not share”. We may share the potential information with third-parties as well, so as to offer their services and products which the customers may find interesting. However, this does not include personally identifiable information like the company’s name and Email address.

Business Transfers

Businesses can be merged or sold to other entities. In the event of such a transaction, the collected personal information of our customers is well-protected by our policies. Business information is usually shared in the combined entity. If one prefers to opt out or if the company uses the collected data in the contrary, ‘Notification of changes’ can be altered accordingly.

Legal Requests

Dedicated wholeheartedly to protect the rights of our members and the community at large, we at Builder Clicks comply with the laws, rules and regulations. We will release account and other personal information to legal authorities only when we believe it is appropriate to do so. We may release information to relevant parties in relation to investigations of piracy, fraud or other unlawful activities.

Information Security

We rely on the latest security techniques to protect our user information. Our servers are protected against unauthorized access through ‘FireWalls’, encryption and Secure Socket Layers. However, a perfect and complete security system cannot be guaranteed.